LANI'S General Store 2021 Fall

LANI'S General Store 2021年秋物のサンプルを先日仕上げました。


リップストップ x 花柄のリバーシブルジャケット。

また、リップストップ素材のベイカーパンツ には、初の2本針ミシンを使用。新たな試みでしたがミシンの調子も良く今後も活躍してくれそう。


The other day, I finished making new samples of LANI'S General Store 2021 autumn collection.

A simple coach jacket and easy pants setup with 100% cotton Palaka.

Ripstop x Floral reversible jacket. I really like the combination of tropical textiles and ripstop. Coconut buttons match with both materials.

Also, I used double needle machine for the first time for Ripstop baker pants. It was a new attempt, but the machine was in good condition and I was able to sew the pants faster and more beautifully than a single needle machine.

Finally, my favorite bucket hat and tulip hat.
Exhibition are currently being held in Osaka and Tokyo Japan!