Wear a T-shirt inside out











That was certainly when I was in the 7th grade, so I think it was around 1989.

One day, I heard that it is popular among teenagers to wear a T-shirt inside out in the united states from my sister who goes to American school in Japan.

When I asked why they wore them inside out, "Even if the outside is dirty, the inside is still clean." she said... I wasn't very convinced of the reason... But from that day on, I started turning my T-shirt inside out and putting the neck tag out.

It goes without saying that my classmates often said, "You are wearing your T-shirt inside out." Every time I had to explain, "No, this style is popular in the United States."

However, after that, I encountered a classmate who wore a T-shirt inside out like me. It's also a good memory that the two of us got excited saying, "You know!"

The other day, my T-shirt got dirty at work, and after work, I turned the T-shirt inside out and went home with the clean side out. At that time, I suddenly remembered about this story.